How You Can Help

Perhaps the most impactful way you can help is to spread the word of Anchor and Earth. Please share our links, subscribe to our YouTube, follow us on our social media, and tell your friends and community.

We are nearing the end of Phase 1 and have been given the green light to break ground on utilities, a creative work space, and the first tiny home. In order to complete these projects we are raising $50k.

Please consider donating building and construction materials and/or a tax deductible monetary contribution. If you have a small business or know of one who might be willing to partner with us, we would also be happy to add your name and/or the name of your business to our donors list page (in testimonials).

Additional services including legal and accounting counsel and construction contracting would also be very helpful.

For donations of money, please activate the donate button in the menu. Additionally, here are a list of items and needed materials.

Donation ideas:

Lumber of all types (2x6”, 4x4”, plywood, fencing,…)

Fasteners, nails, screws etc… of all types.

Concrete construction materials (Pavers, cement, post and deck base, brick,…)

Hand tools, Power tools.

Paints and stains.

Plumbing and Electrical (wire, j boxes, conduit,…)



Solar equipment (panels, batteries, cabling,…)

Landscaping equipment (chain saws, riding lawn mower, trimmers, shovels,…)

Outdoor living equipment.

Gift cards/certificates to retailers that sell above items.