Anchor and Earth

In April of 2018, Johnny and Heidi Cowan sold their house in Salt Lake City to start a humanities non-profit. They found this lovely 6.5 acres near Toledo, WA and got to work. Using the equity from their home and Johnny’s 401k, they purchased the land outright and started putting their dream for helping others together.


People were created to create and sometimes the mugginess of life can prevent us from doing and being what we are meant to. If we can remove distraction and provide care, then people might find what they need to create and contribute to this beautiful world. We have been transformed by God’s love and want everyone to experience the hope, healing, and hospitality, that comes from this love. Anchor and Earth exists to leave people better than we find them. We believe this is possible when we share in the passions and burdens of others and help people find and celebrate their greatest purpose.

Johnny is an avid photographer (primarily of wildlife these days but was a primary lifestyle photographer for SLUG Magazine for four years), musician (last album released in 2017 titled, “There Are No “A” Sides” on iTunes under the artist name Johnny Betts), blue collar tradesman (spent eight years as a journeyman pipe fitter and welder in CA earning his master tradesman certificate), half-decent wannabe chef (loves cooking and culinary experimentation but cannot bake), and an og hipster (loves thrift stores, beanies, and the sacrifice of comfort for style - even while swinging a hammer).

Heidi embodies the definitions of caring and compassionate. Heidi has spent the last five years pouring herself into ballet and joined the SLC Ballet Company and was featured in various performances. Through this experience, Heidi grew support and elevated a charity which provides free ballet lessons for under-privileged kids. She is an avid reader (and has founded multiple book clubs), lover of wine and wineries (there is a local one near us which is just wonderful and Heidi would love to take you with her to visit), crafty (not in the devious way, but in the creative, art loving way), and she is passionate about helping others through social media engagement.

Johnny and Heidi have two kids, Kira (12) and Bryson (10) who bravely gave up all the normal comforts for the purpose of Anchor and Earth.


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