Q. “I am sure there are many more details. How Can i get more info?”

A. Great question! unless we become a massive operation overnight, Heidi and Johnny would love to answer any questions and shed light on the vast details via email or phone.  

Q. “is anchor and earth a legit non-profit?”

A. You betcha! Some people have danced around the question of accountability and we want to make it clear that remaining transparent with all our finances and services is top priority. Our board is comprised of six members. A banker, a minister, a PR, a safety officer, a former plumber, and a social media manager. Our vision is maintained through a treasurer, president, secretary, and advisors.

In addition, The type of 501(c)(3) Anchor and Earth is organized as does not allow for a salary to be paid to any contributor, volunteer, or board member. So Heidi and Johnny act only as volunteers and through their own means, provide for their own needs.

If at anytime you would like documentation or records please reach out on our “Contact Us” page.

Q. “can you explain the education component of a&E?”

A. Johnny has over 15 years experience teaching music and production at various schools and in private settings. With a complete recording studio, we are able to offer hands-on training in Pro Tools, Logic, DAWs, Mixing, Editing, Production, songwriting, theory and more.

With the completion of the creative workspace in Phase II we will be able to offer woodworking skills and fine arts workshops. We even look to build a dance studio and combined performance room with a gallery for artists to display their created work.

We have an abundance of authors, poets, musicians, painters, chefs, dancers, and more who are eager to come and offer classes and additional workshops.

Q. “How can I book a stay at anchor and earth and can I stay even if I don’t fit the artist/weary profile?”

A. You’re really good at this question thing. We do not have a booking calendar available yet though word of mouth and community engagement has already filled much of our available space, we expect to have more availability in the spring. However, you may be able to in the very least, pitch a tent and camp it up! We would love that. Shoot us an email or give us a call to schedule your camping trip. We do ask for a donation if you are staying and able to afford it.

Q. “are there many activities near anchor and earth?”

A. Yes and yes. If you consider vacations/respite as Netflix and chilling than we are probably not the place for you. If you consider Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Portland, Seattle, Long Beach, Astoria, a gazillion lakes and rivers, and adorable little towns (all of these within 1.5 hour drive), as your restful cup of tea, than yes…there are many, many things to do around us.  

Q. “Can I recommend someone(S) to anchor and earth’s aid?”

A. Yes. Please. Reach out to us via our “contact us” link and let us know how we can help.