Land Ho

It has been nearly ten months since we started the site plan application and design process. Just last week our first permit check was cashed by Lewis County. This means they actually have received the application and have looked at it. Now for the nail biting.

In the mean time we are gearing up for fundraising and grant writing as well as continuing the smaller projects necessary on the property.

The following are some current projects I am working on:

-Installing temporary bridge

-Installing shower in Red Cabin

-Building longer term chicken coop

-Building large picnic table

-Construction of wood storage shed/covering

-Cabinetry and shelving in Kitchen (Brown) Cabin

-Fixing a broken riding lawn mower

-Installing stairs for shed cabin, Brown Cabin, Blue Cabin

-Cut and cure wood for next winter

As you may imagine, there is never a shortage of tasks to keep us busy.

A few days ago I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed with the numerous tasks and lack of resources. As I stared at the creek while dreaming of the perfect location to build a permanent bridge; I decided rather suddenly to find out who owns the property across the north/east side of the creek and find out what options we have.

I discovered the land is owned by a timber company named Jorgensen Timber. I called them while my feet were halfway in the creek and spoke with one of the owners, a Mr. Jens Jorgensen. I presented my desire to build a bridge and tossed an option to negotiate an easement to build a foot bridge onto their property and then a trail leading to our portion. He was open to the possibility and so I pushed further. I asked him if they would be willing to sell for cheap or donate a few acres near the creek. Jens stated that he would run it by his team and get back to me.

Having this additional portion of land would be of massive benefit. It would enable us to build more cabin, a much better bridge location, greater seclusion and privacy, and space for more projects…Plus the creek does not expand as high on the north/east side off the creek.

Fingers crossed and prayers lifted as we invite the reader to do the same.

Johnny Cowan