The Definition of Grace

Since I already provided my definition of compassion I must also define what Grace means to me. When there is no more room in my home and I have every “right” to sleep in my own bed yet I give my bed over to the filthy person who is in need of rest and healing; this is grace as I’ve seen it. Though not frequently is it embodied in an actual bed to sleep in, grace is providing an unmerited spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical response at the probable cost of my own comfort and self-worth. Grace doesn’t happen by accident. I can’t accidentally forgive a friend who hurt me. I can’t unconsciously offer my skills or service to a person in need. I have to choose to show grace. Choosing means thinking about being gracious at all times so that when the moment where a need for self-sacrifice is presented I am ready to present a gracious response. Unlike compassion which can at times be spontaneous, grace is intentional. A predisposition of the soul always ready to cast itself upon the flame of pride and extinguish self.

Why is this important? It’s important to this story because Anchor and Earth is built to be a sanctuary. A place where self-worth is secondary to the service of others. Where there is no greater aim then to ensure the true shot of a poor shot (end pun).

At this point -if you have not already guessed it- I must include and introduce you to the greatest contributor and even the creator of my value system. I am a follower of Jesus. Regardless of your beliefs and mine; Jesus existed. How I see him does not need to alter your perception of religion or Christianity or any structure of faith or science you have. I simply need the reader to gain context in what matters to Johnny. And for me, Jesus matters. Even if there is no after life, no Heaven and no Hell, I would still follow Jesus because to me He is the greatest example of compassion and grace. As my experience with God is unique to me I cannot expect you to share the same experience and I only hope it can be agreed that personal stories can influence people and a desire for truth is the first step in finding truth. The ways in which my relationship with Jesus has and does impact me I would love to share.  However I would find greater joy in saving that story for when you are at my dinner table and we are sharing a bottle of wine.  Unless of course you don’t drink. In which case a sparkling water is second best. I will say no more save than I encourage you to simply read about Jesus and the best place to start is the book of John.

Now that the Bible thumping portion of this book is over, lets talk about Creativity. The third value if you’ve made it this far.

Johnny Cowan