Introduction To Johnny’s Brain and Anchor and Earth

If you are like me, then you are human (unless you are in fact not human and are an alien spy or a humanoid automaton who is simply acting the part). If you are human then you have dreams. This book is the attempt to communicate a dream; it’s birth, adolescence, adulthood, and the breath that has kept it alive when it seemed close to passing into failure.

I contemplated writing an autobiography but then quickly came to my senses to realize that had someone such as you read all about my terrible, gross, selfish, life prior to purpose; you would probably not believe any of my dreams and motives. So I decided not to distract you with my Jean Valjean parody and thought it best to write about what matters now and how it came to be.

We live in an age that is saturated with “insta” dreams and perfect looking folks that seem to live in dreams. I don’t want to tell you a story about my absolutely adorable family of four, our hipster-before it was cool-style, our chiseled bodies lounging on the beach in Tahiti or wherever is popular this year.  Thankfully I wouldn’t be able to tell you that story cause I am not in it and I don’t think my pasty white skin or red nose would qualify me for social media stardom.  Alternatively I would like for you to read about the struggles and the joys of deliberately leaving one amazing life to find another.  This alternate life had been calling to my wife and I like a voice growing steadily louder on the wind of our spirits (not to sound too “Pocahontasy™”) (also you will find that I like to make my own words and their accompanied definitions and parentheses).

As I digress, remember all the times you’ve wanted to do something scary or risky or freaking amazing and you had questions.  Perhaps this book will remind you that you are not alone and that some questions don’t have answers until you are neck deep in ignoring the question and moving forward.

Also you will find that I absolutely believe in the Oxford comma. 

Johnny Cowan