It’s official! We now have our not-for-profit status approved and registered with IRS. This is a grand step forward as it will allow us to engage with our community further and publicly raise necessary funding.  Any donations made may now be written off as tax exempt and we can provide receipts. Construction material donations are also tax exempt. 

This comes at perfect timing as we are in the final stage of the site plan with the building department and will begin construction on infrastructure and utilities early next year. 

The septic system, well, and electrical will all be installed by myself in order to save cost but we are not able to fund the construction ourselves. Combined, with the purchase of the land and the initial site prep and building costs (not including living costs and time), Heidi and I have surrendered more than $80,000 of our own money and will continue to pour everything we have into this labor of love.   

As we continue to tell the story of how Anchor and Earth is serving the underserved of our community, I hope that you will consider donating. The path we have chosen cannot be walked alone. 

thank you. 

johnny and heidi 

For a detailed breakdown of our budget and building expenses, shoot us an email and I will send you a report. 

Donations can be made via check to “anchor and Earth”, via money transfer apps (Venmo, Cash, PayPal, etc...), over the phone at 916-801-0141,  and soon we will have a donation action button on our website. 


Johnny Cowan