Sanctuary for artists. Refuge for the weary.



To foster creativity in the audible, visual, and culinary arts. Anchor and Earth provides free retreat for artists in order to express and hone their passions. We inspire servitude through communtiy, social, and spiritual engagement. Provide intentional care for the world and the people who live in it. We offer vacation and respite to workers and volunteers in the humanitarian, social, and missional fields. In addition, we are also working with local human trafficking agencies to become a safe place for victims to stay till their permanent housing is acquired. In basic terms; our land, our love, and our shoulder to lean on, is available for anyone in need.  


Over the next year you will find us with dirt under our nails and hammers in our hands. We have a lot of work to do and we can use your help. After the foundation is built, we will start with additional community programs including free recording and production classes, skilled trade concepts and education, musical performances, gallery showings, culinary experiences, and more

Construction Phases:

Phase 01.

Build four tiny cabins to start housing and hosting. Build bath house, kitchen cabin, and utilities (septic, power, well).

phase 02.

Main homestead cabin to house ours and other families. Sustainable garden and agricultural area. Develop walking paths and boardwalks with creek visibility.

phase 03.

Second tiny home for additional guests. Café and Art/recording/performance studio.


“In basic terms; our land, our love, and our shoulder to lean on, is available for anyone in need.”


We believe it’s our responsibility to leave people better than we find them.


How You Can Help

Our main focus at this time is the continued construction of tiny cabins and work spaces in order to facilitate our guests. As you can imagine, this is a hefty undertaking which requires materials, time, and skill. We have the skill and the time…we need materials. Currently we can only house two guests at a time and the cabins are off grid so it’s not conducive for everyone.

Please consider donating building and construction materials and any monetary gift you are able for which you will receive a tax deductible receipt. If you have a small business or know of one who might be willing to partner with us, we would also be happy to add your name and/or the name of your business to our donors list page (in testimonials).

Additional services including legal and accounting counsel and construction contracting would also be very helpful.

For donations of money, please activate the button below this list of items and needed materials.

Donation ideas:

Lumber of all types (2x6”, 4x4”, plywood, fencing,…)

Fasteners, nails, screws etc… of all types.

Concrete construction materials (Pavers, cement, post and deck base, brick,…)

Hand tools, Power tools.

Paints and stains.

Plumbing and Electrical (wire, j boxes, conduit,…)



Solar equipment (panels, batteries, cabling,…)

Landscaping equipment (chain saws, riding lawn mower, trimmers, shovels,…)

Outdoor living equipment.

Gift cards/certificates to retailers that sell above items.

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cabin pictures-5.jpg